Adams County ARES (R1D1) at Aurora Repeater Association Hamfest on February 19, 2017

Our Public Information Officer (PIO), John Murphy, WN6OTL, was at the Aurora Repeater Association hamfest at the Adams County Fairgrounds on February 19, 2017 from 9 AM till 1 PM. We gave information out to people about the ARES program in general and about Adams County ARES (R1D1) specifically. We were joined by Arapahoe County ARES (R1D2) and lots of information was shared both to the attendees that stopped be our tables as well as between both teams. Jeff Lindhorst, KC0LDR, stopped by and visited with a few of the ‘fest goers. We talked to 3 people who were interested in ARES (both with Adams County and Arapahoe County). It was a good day for all at the Aurora Repeater Association 2017 Hamfest. Thanks to Wayne, N0POH and the entire ARA for allowing us to come.


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