Operation Chemical Hazards and Other Stuff (CHAOS) Exercise

Operation Chemical Hazards and Other Stuff (CHAOS) Exercise

Region 1 District 1 ARES participated in the full scale exercise hosted by Adams County and City of Brighton.

On the morning of May 11th , 2016 at approximately 0800 hours, ADCOM911 receives reports of a train derailment, potentially affecting a chemical storage site at Agfinity, 124th and 85 (simulated location), resulting in an unknown number of injuries and release of an unknown substance.

Brighton Fire is dispatched to Adams County Fairgrounds (area for field play designated for Incident Command Post) and confirms train car having made impact with the chemical storage site. Upon initial size up, the chemical storage tank affected contains Anhydrous Ammonia and the contents of the train car is Liquid Petroleum Gasoline.

Current concerns will be any potential leaks and explosions. It is initially unclear what caused the accident.

Upon further investigation the storage site appears to be leaking Anhydrous Ammonia, creating a toxic plume traveling at 10 mph with winds from the west. There are several homes in both the City of Brighton and unincorporated Adams County directly to the east of the facility. Evacuation notifications are sent and unified command is established.

Fire and EMS will perform onsite triage of affected employees and incident casualties will be transferred to Plate Valley Medical Center for decontamination.

Adams County and Brighton EOCs will activate to support the evacuation and any incident related needs, a Joint Information Center (JIC), City of Brighton Call Center and remote shelter will be established in support of the incident.

R1D1 ARES was dispatched to five locations, the Adams County EOC, City of Brighton EOC, the Brighton Incident Command Vehicle, Thornton Shelter and the Platte Valley Hospital to provide a network of communications to all sites.

The exercise lasted from 8:00 AM till 11:30 AM. There were 23 Agencies involved and 3 jurisdictions. While it was not perfect the knowledge gained and relationships built made it a great success.

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