R1D1 Practices Digital Using RMS Express

Norm Brown, KB1SGJ, R1D1 EC, invited others from R1D1 ARES to his house on Saturday, April 9th, to practice using digital messaging based on the RMS Express platform. John Murphy, KC0JPO; Eric Bettinger, KD0QCJ; Newell Besendorfer, W4PRG; Derek Jackson, KC0LCD; and Terry Young, N0VE all showed up with their equipment and set it up in Norm’s garage, using dummy loads as HF antennas. Everyone helped everyone to set up and get RMS Express working. As well, Norm had his home station set up and received messages from several in the group, passing ICS Forms, such as 214 and 205’s. Norm bought pizza for lunch, as we ate, we discussed what we had practiced and the possible uses that might be required by our ARES leadership. A good time playing radio, as well as in fellowship with fellow amateurs, was had by all.


DSC_0001 DSC_0004

DSC_0003 DSC_0002

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