Adams County ARES Participates in Field Day 2015

On June 27th, several participants from Adams County ARES took part in the annual amateur radio Field Day at Veterans Park located in Brighton, Colorado.  Once every year, amateur radio operators across the country establish temporary ham radio stations, usually in a public place such as a park, shopping center parking lot, etc., for several reasons.  One of which is to practice setting up a temporary operating position, such as might be needed during a disaster scenario, usually using emergency power (such as batteries or generators). Another reason the “hams” do this would be to contact as many other “hams” as possible during the 24 period, earning points, which I guess also turns this activity into a contest.  Another reason is to try to showcase amateur radio to the public, so they are aware of “ham” radio and it’s capabilities. This reason, as well, introduces new people to ham radio, and tries to generate interest in those that may have thought about becoming involved in amateur radio.

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