CBS Ch. 4 (KCNC) Mobile Weather Lab visits Adams County (R1D1) ARES Meeting

On August 7, 2014 the CBS Ch 4, Denver, Mobile Weather Lab vehicle visited the Adams County (R1D1) meeting at the Adams County Sheriff Substation at 4701 E. 72nd Ave. in Commerce City.

The Mobile Weather Lab (MWL) was operated by Mr. Rob McClure, a News Photojournalist at CBS Ch. 4.  This visit was set up by Mr. Tim Wieland, News Director with help from Mr. Ed Greene, Senior Meteorologist at the television station.

Because weather plays a big part in the lives of Coloradans, the ARES group was happy to see a vehicle that was dedicated to following the weather and allowing the public to keep track of it.  As storm spotters with the National Weather Service, it was fun to see technology that was used by the local television stations to track the weather, especially severe storms,  and keep the general public informed and safe.

Adams County (R1D1) ARES would like to thank CBS Ch.4, Denver along with Mr. Tim Wieland, Mr. Ed Greene for helping to set this event up, and especially Mr. Rob McClure for taking the time to come and set up the Mobile Weather Lab and discuss it with us.

Another view of the center console And it was still here with lightning even And a camera to show the inside when you are on the move ...And still more wiring...

...And speaking of weather, it came are the right time to break up our live display Uniden Homepatrol scanners The vehicle is not only capable of satellite uplink and downlick but of microwave trasfers between the station and the vehicle The rear compartment a lot of wiring! The microwave antenna now fully stowed due to lightning within the area Terry,N0VE and Mr. McClure discussing storm chasing Terry checking out the front of the MWLvehicle Rearview of whats in the back of the vehicle Of course you have to have a GPS System Norm, KB1SGJ, checking out the front passenger area of the MWL vehicle Mr. McClure explaining what the monitor in the rear of the vehicle can show Mr. McClure discussing the weather dsiplay while Terry says he can see it with his own eye above us. Mr. McClure discussing the vehicle with the group Light controls KC0ZRM, and his wife...Wow that is a lot of wiring! KC0ZRM and wife with the CBS4 Mobile weather lab Inside the front seat of the Vehicle Front dashcam Engine Compartment where a self contained electrical generator is mounted EC Norm Brown, KB1SGJ, checking out the inside of the Mobile Weather Lab Drivers side with the satellite dish deployed Don, KC0ZRM checking out the back of the MWL vehicle Dashlight indicators for the masts and satellite dish status Computer with software to determine what is being shown where Center Console....yes tat is a CB radio (upper left) and a radio to contact the station CBS4 Mobile Weather Lab in full setup mode at the Adams Co R1D1 Meeting 872014 Cameras and weather information are available from the right passenger seat

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