Adams County ARES (R1D1) Assists With Colorado Flood Disaster Response

Region 1 – District 1 (Formerly District 27) ARES was deployed on September 12th, 2013 in support of Commerce City Flooding. Due to the September Front Range major flooding and road closures a shelter was setup in the Adams City High School on the afternoon of 9/12/13. The Red Cross started to setup the shelter and quickly discovered that cell phone coverage for that area was bad. A request for Amateur Radio operators to provide communications was sent to Red Cross Headquarters. Emit Hurdelbrink, W0UAW, the Colorado ARES Section leader sent a request to R1D1 ARES in Adams County for support.

Within 2 hours Amateur Radio Communications were setup and providing a clear link to the Red Cross Headquarters and the Colorado State Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The shelter saw a flux of 150 to 200 people with 150 people spending the night. With the communications link closed — food, water, cots and a dumpster were provided for the shelter. The shelter manager was greatly appreciative of our efforts and said we made things happen.  The shelter was open for 30 hours then demobilized.

Adams City High School
Adams City High School

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